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Fire Pressure Gauge

Ashcroft 1005P 250 PSI Air Pressure Gauge is a UL-listed and FM-approved 3 1/2 (88.9 mm) gauge designed to deliver accurate pressure readings of dry-pipe fire protection sprinkler components. Ashcrofts PowerFlex design separates the bourdon...
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Product Name

Fire Pressure Gauge

Joint Size


Service Environment


Precision Grade

Grade 1.6/ Grade 2.5

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Product Model


Pressure Range


Product Material

Electroplating Case;Steel/Iron Joint; Copper Movement

Product Application

Farmland Irrigation/ Floor Heating Water Separator/ Air Conditioning Duct/ Fire Pipeline/ Household Water Pressure

Product Standard
Precision Grade: Grade 1.6/ Grade 2.5
Pressure Range:0.1MPA 0.16MPA 0.25MPA 0.4MPA 0.6MPA 1MPA 1.6MPA;2.5MPA4MPA 6MPA 10MPA 16MPA 25MPA 40MPA 60MPA;-0.1-0MPA-0.1-0.15MPA -0.1-0.3MPA -0.1-0.5MPA;-0.1-0.9MPA-0.1-1.5MPA -0.1-2.4MPA

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