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10 Tips for Using a Fire Extinguisher

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1.Before using a fire extinguisher, sound the fire alarm and identify a safe evacuation route.

2.Only use a portable fire extinguisher if the fire is confined to a small area.

3.Make sure your extinguishers are located in easily accessible areas.

4.Do not touch the plastic discharge horn on CO2 extinguishers—it becomes very cold and can damage skin.

5.Do NOT use a fire extinguisher if your means of evacuation becomes compromised.

6.Always keep an escape exit to your back.

7.Class A and B extinguishers carry a numerical rating that indicates the size fire that it can to extinguish.

8.Extinguishers are often found in corridors, inside very large rooms, immediately outside mechanical spaces, and mounted inside heavy equipment vehicles.

9.Even if you only used a small amount of agent, you must report the extinguisher as used. Many extinguishers will no longer hold a charge after partial use.

10.Fire extinguishers must be inspected, maintained, and hydrostatically tested routinely in accordance with NFPA