4.2mpa heptafluoropropane fire suppression system

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The HFC-227ea extinguishing system is a kind of intelligent automatic extinguishing system. In accordance with requirements for use in different places for application, the unit independent system and combined distribution system can be constituted and the way of total flooding extinguishing can be used in order to realize the extinguishing protection of single protection area and multi-protection area. This system has advanced technology and high extinguishing efficiency and can be maintained easily. This equipment has 3 start-up modes including automatic operation, manual operation and mechanical emergency operation.
Product Characteristic:
. Clean gas, colorless and tasteless and non-corrosive;
. Electric insulation, utilization for extinguishing of electrical combustion;
. No residue and pollution inside protection zone;
. No damage to ozone layer;
. Totally automatic system;
. Accurate control of protection zone.
Product Application:
Electronic computer room, a data processing center, telecommunications facilities, process control, expensive medical equipment, industrial equipment, library, museum and art gallery, clean room, anechoic chamber, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage area, etc.
The place where the fire is easy to happen, like paint-spraying production line, aging-electrical equipment, rolling machine, printing machine, oil switch, oil immersed transformer, melt impregnating tank, tank, large generators, drying equipment, cement pro duction process of pulverized coal, and the ship's engine room, cargo hold, etc.
Product Parameter:
No. specification Technical Parameter
1 Filling pressure 4.2Mpa
2 Scale of Protective region for one zone area:max single-zone is 800m² volume:max single-zone is 3600m³
3 Spraying time ≤10s
4 Filling density ≤950kg/m3
5 power DC24V/1.6A
6 Nitrogen Pressure of Driving Device 6.0±1.0Mpa(20℃)
7 Condition of reserving room for container temperature: -10~50℃, relative humidity: ≤97%
8 max working pressure 5.3Mpa
9 min working pressure 4.2Mpa

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